PSC 202: State and Local Government 3 credit hours CTC credit Although Americans tend to be more knowledgeable of federal government, it is state and local government that more directly affects our everyday lives. By utilizing a comparative approach, the aim of this course is to better understand the unique workings of state and local government not only in North Carolina but across the United States as well. As equal players in our federalist government, states, cities, and localities are increasingly exerting power comparable, and even confrontational, to the federal government; PSC-202 examines how that is so and why it is important. This course is required of Political Science majors, but also fulfills a CTC Liberal Education credit, as many non-majors also enjoy this class. Offered Fall. 08/19/2020-12/09/2020 In-Person Monday, Wednesday, Friday 12:10PM - 01:00PM, Finch Library, Room COL LAB