PSC 270: Introduction to Law and the Legal System 3 credit hours CTC credit Fundamentally, this course provides students with an overview of the American law and legal system. It is imperative as both college students and citizens, to better understand how law, the Constitution, and the legal system operate within our country. As such, this course examines various general aspects of American law and the legal system (definitions, structures, processes, rights, sources, its impact upon society), as well as specifics such as contracts, torts, and criminal and civil law. This course is required for Political Science, Pre-Law, and Criminal Justice majors but would be valuable for any WPU student interested in furthering their knowledge of law within the United States. Offered fall and spring. 08/20/2020-12/08/2020 In-Person Tuesday, Thursday 11:00AM - 12:15PM, Main Building, Room CHAPEL