PSC 280: Introduction to Public Policy 3 credit hours This course provides an essential introduction and overview of public policy within the United States. Importantly, as a student in this course, you will develop an understanding of not only the public policy process but how the process ultimately influences the outcome. Considering such critical questions such as why some problems reach the public agenda and others do not, why some solutions are adopted and others are rejected, and why some policies appear to succeed while others appear to fail are examined thoroughly throughout the semester. Although you will primarily examine policymaking at the national (domestic) level, you will also investigate examples at the local, state, and international levels as well. In short, this course is designed to help you understand the relationship and process between government and citizens that creates the policies affecting, positively and negatively, our everyday lives. Offered fall and spring. 08/19/2020-12/09/2020 In-Person Monday, Wednesday, Friday 01:20PM - 02:10PM, Brown McPherson, Room AUD