PSY 101: General Psychology (Honors option) 3 credit hours EMP Social Science credit Note: The Honors option includes three lecture hours each week and one laboratory hour each week and carries 4 credit hours. Does what you eat impact your brain function? Is it damaging to spank your children? Are you really independently minded, or do others influence you more than you think? These are just a few of the many real-life questions addressed in General Psychology. Through readings, lectures, discussions, and in-class activities, you will learn the ways psychologists study human behavior and the mind. A major emphasis will be placed on understanding basic methods of data collection, analysis, and interpretation. No matter what major you decide to pursue, General Psychology will help you better understand yourself and be able to work effectively with others. Offered fall and spring. 08/20/2020-12/08/2020 In-Person Tuesday, Thursday 12:45PM - 02:00PM, Herman, Room GYM