BSA 211: Principles of Microeconomics 3 credit hours CTC credit This course provides an overview of market processes under conditions of pure competition, monopoly, and imperfect competition. Topics covered include demand and marginal utility analysis; supply and costs of production; elasticity; and consequences of government regulation of markets. In addition, students will be exposed to the application of microeconomic theory to current social problems. Offered fall and spring. 01/08/2020-04/29/2020 Lecture Monday, Wednesday, Friday 09:00AM - 09:50AM, Flowe, Room 113
EDU-120: Foundations of Elementary Math I
3 credit hours

This course is an investigation of our numeration system. The NCTM standards guide the course through an introduction to problem solving, sets, functions, ancient numeration systems, and place value. A thorough examination of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division reveals why these operations behave the way they do and what interconnections exist between these operations. The counting numbers are extended to include negative numbers and the study of integer operation. In addition, the course addresses topics in number theory including the study of primes, divisibility, the LCM and GCF. Finally, the course examines fractions and the arithmetic of fractions at a deep level. Offered fall.

Class Dates: 08/24/2017-12/14/2017
Class Days/Times: Tuesdays, Thursdays 02:00PM - 03:15PM
Class Location: Flowe, Room 215
This course introduces basic financial management topics including financial statement analysis, working capital, capital budgeting, and long-term financing. The approach will include issues faced by multinational corporations such as foreign currency translation, international tax rates, and evaluation of international projects. Students will use problems and cases to enhance skills in financial planning and decision making. 01/06/2014-05/02/2014 Distance Learning Days to be Announced, Times to be Announced, Room to be Announced