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    • Prior to the start of the Spring 2021 semester please make sure you have completed the following checklist items: 

      • Upload your immunization and medical records to Magnus Health (see instructions below). 

      • For any questions regarding academic advising, please email

      • Complete your Housing Application (look for an email from WPU Admissions with application information). For any further questions, email

      • If you intend to be a commuter (i.e. not live on campus), you need to complete a commuter application (link found in the same email with the housing application). 

        • Keep in mind commuting requires approval and is not guaranteed. 

        • If you intend to be a commuter and would like a meal plan, please email Linda Paulhus at

      • For dietary restrictions, please email with your dietary needs. 

      • If you have your own health insurance, make sure to waive the WPU student health insurance.

        • Go to Select your institution. Select ‘Waive’ and create a new account. Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation email if CHP has received your waiver and a 2nd email indicating whether they accept or deny your waiver.  If you do not receive a confirmation email, contact Student  Accounts at

      • Set up a payment plan or pay your bill in full (instructions below).  

      • Make sure you’re frequently checking your WPU email. Official university communication including information on move in day, classes, and COVID-19 updates will be sent to you there. 

      • Want to get social? Follow these accounts on Instagram! 

        • @wpustudentlife

        • @wpeaceuprez

        • @wpeaceu

      • Get excited to become a Pacer! WE CAN’T WAIT TO SEE YOU! 

      Magnus Health (Your Electronic Medical Record)

      **Magnus Health will not accept any mailed in medical records

      1. Please check your WPU email and search for a “Welcome Email” from Magnus Health

      2. Create an account through Magnus Health

      3. Complete the Vital Health Record and submit for approval 

      4. Upload the following in two different locations

        1. Immunization Section: Immunization Checklist with a copy of ALL childhood Immunizations 

        2. Physical Section: Physical 3 pages to be done within 1 year of admission 

        3. Upload: By saving documents to your desktop or taking a picture using your phone you can then choose this file to upload into the Magnus Health Portal

        4. If you’re unable to upload the documents, please print out immunization records and physical, along with the cover page and Fax to: 877-447-9530

      5. Make sure all the red X’s turn into green check marks 

      COVID-19 Mandatory Testing Information

      FOR ALL STUDENTS : you must participate in COVID-19 testing* and receive a negative result before you return to campus after the holiday break. The test* must be taken at a time that will provide results within 5 days of your scheduled return date. For example, if you are required to return to campus on January 15, you must receive negative test results between January 10 and January 14. Please plan accordingly for the January 1 holiday when testing may not be available or results may be delayed.

      • * January 5, 2021: This must be a lab-confirmed COVID test, which does not include a rapid test.
      • Students who will be on-campus for ANY reason (residence halls, classes, library, athletics, dining, work study, etc.) MUST be tested before returning to campus.  
      • Failure to comply with re-entry COVID testing will result in at least a lack of access to campus as your Pacer card will be invalid.
      • You must upload a copy of your test results to your Magnus Health portal.

      IF YOU RECEIVE POSITIVE TEST RESULTS, you are required to immediately notify The Wellness Center at for guidance on your return to campus. If able, you will participate in your classes from home during your isolation period.

      • Students who test positive are required to remain home for 10 days of isolation (from the date of testing) per CDC guidelines.  

      IF YOU TESTED POSITIVE AFTER OCTOBER 13: if you have previously tested positive, you can upload previous positive test results to your Magnus Health portal.

      TESTING SITES: Students may test at a site of their choosing. Please contact your insurance provider to determine if there are any costs associated with testing. There are also many free testing sites available where tests are administered without out-of-pocket costs. A list of currently available testing locations can be found here (

      The University will also be implementing  ongoing testing with high-density groups that will regularly include approximately 50% of the student body as an added safety measure.

      Additional communications and registration information will be provided in January.

      Thank you for your cooperation as we continue to work together to keep everyone healthy and our community safe.

      Payment Plan Information

      WPU offers a monthly payment plan giving you the opportunity to pay your balance over the course of several months instead of all at once. Students are billed by semester; therefore, payment plans are paid by semester. There is a $50 or $35 non-refundable enrollment fee depending on the payment plan that is selected. The enrollment fee is due at the time you enroll in the plan. Monthly payments are due by the 1st of each month.


      Enroll in the monthly payment plan by going to MyPacerNet at and logging in with your WPU username and password. Select Launch Self Service, Access Finance Portal.  Select Payment Plans on the Menu Bar.  The payment plans will appear on the next page.


      10 Month Payment Plan—$50 enrollment fee, includes a 5 month payment plan for fall and 5 month plan for spring.

      5 Month Payment Plan—$35 enrollment fee, includes a 5 month payment plan for fall only.

      4 Month Payment Plan—$35 enrollment fee, includes a 4 month payment plan for fall only.

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